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Bible study time is, when we go into the Word of God to know how to walk with Him. We want to please God, and for us to please God in our relationship with Him, there's a need to know His ways and  His Will is concerning us His children individually. 

Through His Son Jesus Christ, we have been offered life that's abundant, and to truly appreciate this free gift, our lifestyle should be pleasing to Him, as a token of appreciation for abundant of life here on earth, and most importantly, life eternal with Him in Heaven. The Bible is our manual on how to live for God, through obedience to His Word.

It's the Bible that teaches us how to deal with adversities and crisis of life. We learn that the LORD our God has the ability to always bring out something good out crisis, chaos, challenges, adversiities and storms we sometimes go through in life. Some people might wonder, what good or benefits can come from illness, unemployment, a broken family or other life challenges? While we can't always understand what God is doing, there one thing the Bible teaches us to do, and that's to 'Trust' God, to use the situation for His own glorious purpose. An illustration of this in the Bible is in the Book of John. John 11:1-44, tells us about the story of Jesus's friend Lazarus that got sick, died and was buried. Jesus was asked for help, but He didn't come on time, according to man's time, but He was working on time based on what Heaven ordained concerned the situation. Jesus came four days later and it was all said and done, He raised a man that's been dead for four days. You might be wondering why are things the ways they are now as we all know it? I don't have an answer for you, but I do know what one thing, God is still on the throne and He's the 'All-Knowing God'. He holds all wisdom, as the Creator of the universe.

The Bible study class teaches us to view life from God's perspective, and this makes every hardship and challenges of life an opportunity to trust His good purpose, depend on Him fully, and respond in a manner that glorifies and exalt God through His Son Jesus Christ. And as we trust Him in diverse situations we go through, and see Him bring out stronger, matured and closer to Him in our relationship. We now build a life of string faith. We learn from the lives of past heroes of the faith in the Book of Hebrews Chapter 11.

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